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01-08-2011, 06:58 PM
the international techno management event of anna university under the patronage of UNESCO is up again setting a stage for the best brains of over 75 institutions spanning 75 countries. 15000 greatest minds are about to clash from febraury2-5 here in Guindy. With its new theme ' PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE', k'11 has started its journey with a wide range of online and preparatory events. This time, the unique feature of k'11 is that that every event and worshop has its own taste of the theme 'past, present and future'. The three techie days 2-5 are split into categories as 'Coding, Engineering, Fun, Management, Miscellaneous, Online events, Quizzing and Robotics'.
visit http://kurukshetra.org.in/
Kurukshetra is back again with the hunt for entrepreneurs. Out of box thinking and commandable business plan is all that you need, to present to your ideas at K'11. Dalal Bull is already on the go and K!Millionaire - New to Kurukshetra ,tests your management skills with whole-a-lot of enthusiastic rounds. Prove your leadership skill and take home the biggest prize money of K!11
And with the present robotic flu from the big screens with a big star, K'11 promises to sustain the flu even longer with no remedies with its challenging editions of DESIGNER QUEST, K!ONSTRUCTOR, KHIMERA, PANDEMONIUM, XCEED!! Desingner's quest this year is actually wild with expecting the participants to build a robot inspired by animals. The rules that are to be satisfied for this quest are ' The Three Laws of Robotics' inspired by the movie 'I, ROBOT',
This time, the workshops being classified as 'engineering, general, management , and robotics' would stay close to the ambitious minds because of the technical expertise involved in the teaching and 'target-brain' hands-on sessions!! Some crisps of workshops:
' Its time to warn those electrical and electronic gadgets around you, that you would dismantle them if they donot work to your expectations.' Kurukshetra , this time presents an hands on session on the dismantling and re-assembling of Gadgets around yo-- AT HOME!
Mobile robotics:
Ever wondered that your mobile phones could control an humanoid?? It comes true this february with aspiring engineers from all over the world trying their hands out at the mobile robotics workshop.
WildlifePhotography: Photographs – the only remainders of your presence in the world(unless yo have written a blockbuster or killed someone!!). Questions like ' how to get the powerful sense of the place, capture the essence of flora, fauna or a rare moment' are answered to in the workshop. Just 'Click' away the three techie days of k'shetra.

Your algorithmic prowess will be subject to scrutiny over a bunch of mathematical puzzles, along with your mathematical expertise and of course your patience.
For further details, check out www.athena.kurukshetra.org.in
Practice Contest started on Jan 3rd , 2011 and closes on Jan 5th ,2011 at 9:00 P.M IST (+5:30 GMT)
Main Contest : 9:00 P.M IST (+5:30 GMT), Jan 7th, 2011 (runs for a week)
Wishing to test all your basic engineering skills like mechanics, electronics and physics? Contraptions gives you the way to unlock your imaginations and costruct the most complex structures using your basic engineering skills learnt.This time, its bigger with an incredible task keeping in mind our theme 'past, present and future'!!
do you wish the words from your 'always-attention seeking' professors can be put in a better way by you? wishing to be a reality-Dumbledore?Take your stage at k'11 with brain-smashing topics and prove your technical efficiency.
Anything within a mind has no meaning untill it is penned down or spoken out, either Emotions or innovative imaginations!!! Voice your ideas and test your presentation skills at the 'paper presentation' event. Never forget, all modern technology started with a similar blueprint.
Wish to see puzzles teasing and torturing your grey cells? Brave enough to open the pandora's box? Here is the chance, Enter into the mystery and unleash the potential within you!
For further details,
log onto http://kurukshetra.org.in/events/enigma
Enigma SET 1 : JAN 08, Saturday, 2011 20:30 HRS [IST] (GMT + 5:30)
Enigma SET 2 : JAN 15, Saturday, 2011 20:30 HRS [IST] (GMT + 5:30)
Enigma SET 3 : JAN 22, Saturday, 2011 20:30 HRS [IST] (GMT + 5:30)

Pulses racing, adrenalin rushing, spectators cheering and the photo finish with the checkered flag waving- GODSPEED- the ultimate platform for the internal combustion based roadsters - with the maximum prize money for the most efficient!!!
Feeling that strong beams of solutions are radiating from your grey cells for the technological problems the world faces today? 'Technovate' is the place where you can find solutions and transform your ideas to a living model!!
Kurukshetra also brings you some of the rare technical monuments of the world from feb 2-5. 'Break through' Society presents the rare exhibits of Darwin's works– the man behind the theory of evolutions and also some video footage on the theory of evolution !
Lectures have always seen some big entrepreneurs flying into the campus with loads and loads of tips and experiences! This time the stage goes woozy with the Ajit Balakrishnan - CEO OF REDIFFMAIL.COM,Kal Raman - VICE PRESIDENT OF AMAZON.COM, Kris Gopalakrishnan - CEO OF INFOSYS TECHNOLOGIES!
Undeniably, a spill of scholar-ship is expected for every step a human takes on the pavements of the University on Feb 2-5.Get ready and crush your brains to their core at the battle!!!!