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01-09-2011, 06:31 PM
Hello everyone,

My First email after i moved back to india.. I am presently located at Hyderabad. I am into freelancing Electronic Designing.. My work involves designing and prototyping electronic systems and then shipping them offshore ... as i have just started,I have just one client(washington USA). I see that we need a IEC code license to get stuff from abroad like some components not available in India and to Ship off my finished product.

Apart from this i also wanted to move into the domain of robotics once i have a small income source set up for the time being and am able to hire a team in Hyderabad(Preferably). now my questions are

1. What kind of registration do i need to do if i need to start a company?(I was thinking of a sole proprietorship as i am the only one and no second partner )?? It is really minute one with just me in it. I might hire some one but i am just on the look out ... not hurrying up right now
2. Do i need to start a company if i have to hire someone / get the products shipped out of india?
3. what are the available resources where i could find people ... going to my Engineerig College and Hiring people off there.. or job sites or just a post in Roboticsindia as this is the best goto site for robotic lovers in india...

pardon me if i am at the wrong section to post this but i am pretty sure this is the right audience for my questions.

Thanking you Very much for the time..

Rajesh Medampudi.

01-09-2011, 08:18 PM
Ok im no business guy but i also started something like your 5 months back ... so i may be wrong

1. IEC code is only required for some items , i dont think ur import or exports will require them ( if you go through mouser , rs etc ... you are not really importing ( they are ) ) .
2. Sole propritership ship is fine , but it comes with 100 % liability. I would recommend a LLP with a sleeping partner ... no liabaility least headaches. BTW do you really need a company registration , as most US clients would not bother to check if your company is registered till you a small startup.Just put a good website with a portfolio .
3. No you dont need to start a comapny , you can do it as a consultant , and yes you can hire people.
4. Ive had little luck finding good electronics guys :| in delhi , but down south you will have better luck. You can always post on naukri costs about Rs 800 - 900, will get decent response.

Again i might be wrong , but there are much more experienced people on the forum they might help ...

01-09-2011, 11:37 PM
Thank you Vikas... It was a Huge Info in the right direction.. Thank you very much.....

1. I think i need an IEC for Exproting a Finished Product Right... and i have seen that It can can be named on a individual not on the company.. so i think i would use it...
2. Sole Propritership was never my options.. I was pushed to it.. I think i need to place a family member as a sleeping partner and go for a LLP but i think that would be much later Nothing right now...
3. Hiring people and accountig for all the things under a company name was my idea.. so if i can just hire people and pay them from a savings account then Voila.. I am in....

4. I have to check out Naukri and Monster for that... and i just had a crazy idea... of hiring any guy temporarily for 6 months or even a part timer... And as i am a guy working in the same field... The dynamics of work are also pretty important to me...

Any how you are really a savior... Thanks once again

01-09-2011, 11:41 PM
Hi Medampudi, what are you designing. I am located at Gachibowli,Hyderabad

01-10-2011, 03:48 AM
Hey Shobith. How is it going.. Presently.. I am designing a Obd2 car reflasher. .. just started.... my basic action plan for the future are not these freelance gigs but creation of Domestic Robots.. I want to be in that Area.... in a year from now.... Would definitely love to meet you and a couple of guys around here...

Are you up for it... How about this week... Please let me know in advance.... so can plan it out.