View Full Version : help regarding dc motors

01-24-2011, 01:48 PM
what should be the required torque & rpm of a dc motor operating at 12 volts dc sho that it can carry a weight of 20kg.

i require it for my battle bot.

design specifications:

dimension: 40cmX48cmX10cm


max voltage: 12v dc

my robot is basicall a simple wedge shaped design with to dc motors at the rear & one caster wheel in the front wheel diameter is 7cm and wheel width is 2 cm.the bot is controlled manually through wires.& using a 12 volt adapter as source.

i tried through dc geared motors with 45 rpm, 30rpm, 10 rpm bt the robo is uable to push the oponent. should i need to change the wheels with larger diameter or i require high torque motors. bt high torque motors would more current.
i am totally confused. heading for a tech fest.

plz help......

what to do.