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04-10-2005, 07:05 PM
Im from vjti in mumbai and we are planning to have our technical festival viz Technovanza during sugust of this year.One of out flagship events is called F1 which is similar to the gran prix event which was held at IIT M Shaastra.Now the event is basically a remote controlled racing event which requires upto 4 people to race at the same time following the preliminaries.

The problem we are facign is that most people will be using ready made RF Modules and the most we can find at lamington are 2 maybe 3.It so happens that since these transmitt and recieve at fixed frequencies it causes interference problems when many people race.What is the solution aroudn this if any.

We considered fixing the transmitter and reciever addresses for every participant but this is not that viable.In addition if we try attaching switches at the address pins for every ic to enable changing addresses on the spot , we find it causes problems as well..
IIT B had a similar event in the form of water boat racing but they were facign the same problem so they ended up doin it individually accpording to time.

I would really appreciate any helop anyone can provide me with in respect to this since we gotta let people know as they would need time for such an endeavour.

Thanks A Lot
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Shishir Malani

04-10-2005, 07:09 PM
BTW...Its a wireless remote controlled robot with onboard batteries...thanks a lot

04-10-2005, 08:11 PM
One Solution is diff. participants can use diff bands
144MHz, 2.4GHz,2.8GHz,you get modules/oscillators for these bands
or you can make your own transmitter...VCXO/VCOs are easily available...to make a modulator...hook it to a dual gate mosfet!......or try your own design

Soln 2

Somebody may have to implement a TDMA system..i.e

Communication to bots on a round robin basis ...controlled by a TDMA Transmitting station. All participants implement protocols for communication with this station

...but this could be complicated & a project in itself

04-10-2005, 10:44 PM
lol...yeah it can be a complicated project...and we are after all talking about mumbai university...

that first idea seems nice but how feasible is it for 20 diff ppl to make it...i guess well have to design something like that before we can have anyone else make it...which seems a very tedious task...lol...

Problem is even if the 3 diff bands are used we cud have ppl with similar bands comin up in a head to head race

thx a lot for yer help