View Full Version : XBee s2 help..!!

06-04-2011, 07:05 AM
Last week I bought two Xbee Series2 wire antenna modules..

Both are working fine, I can communicate with XCTU over USB-TTL adap with min. config VCC,Gnd,TX,RX
default firmware is XB24-ZB

Yesterday i tired update firmware on one xbee and returned me with flash check sum failed.

Now the pain starts..xctu is showing "unable to communicate with modem"
I thought its damaged ,but how can it be..without anything.

by trying diff methods on xctu pc settings page i checked "Enable API"

now clicked test/query to my surprise it worked

" Communication with modem ok
Modem type = Name Unknown (ID=4294967248197646)
Modem firmware version = "

But on modem configuration tab read firmware does n't work and even updating frim doesn't work

when clicked read :
"Failed to enter command mode
unable to read version(ATVR)
Read parameters ..Failed"

when clicked write :
" Getting modem type....Failed to enter command mode
Check Com Port and Baud settings and try again.
Write Parameters...Failed"

Restore to default also dont work

whats the solution..you RI veterans
these modules are nt even cheap to buy another one..:eek:

06-05-2011, 06:09 AM
solved myself..

i had bought and xbee usb adapter...and it worked..uploaded firmware.

So the obvious thing is other tha VCC,Gnd,TX,RX.....the DTR,CTS,RTS should also be connected to xbee module