View Full Version : Sd card interfacing to atmega32

07-05-2011, 08:50 PM
I wanted to interface sd card to atmega32 and so built the pcb for it.The circuit that i built has the sd card connected to the spi ports through a cd 4050be.I used the other connections as in http://www.dharmanitech.com/2009/01/sd-card-interfacing-with-atmega8-fat32.html.I programmed the avr using the program sd_card.hex[version 2.3 present in the site] but the terminal says that sd card not detected.I tried using 3 different sd cards of different companies but the same result.I have given 3.3v to cd4050 and also the sd card, the mcu runs at 16mhz external crystal and at 5V.the chip select line of the sd card is given to portb.1 of the mega32 as given in the link above.
Please help me........

07-06-2011, 02:09 PM
why have you used the buffer cd4050? what voltage is your MCU running at?
Have you connected the proper voltage dividers and zener diodes given before connecting mosi, cs, sck to SD card?
Ask cc dharmani on his forum...he helps people out well with his code...but try posting some more info about your hardware