View Full Version : Power saver cum fuse protector for decorative series

10-17-2011, 11:52 PM
Dear Friends
Diwali / Deepawali / X-mas / New year are coming up an we all decorate our home by decorative
small bulb series lams , but main problem is to keep running (alive) them , they are one of the most maintenance required item. here is a small cost effective solution for them , first if you prepare it at home , use at-least 50 bulbs in series and using a general diode 1N4007 in-series and put a switch in parallel of diode (check link for detailed circuit connection) this arrangement of under Rs 10 solution will save your time to keep "Alive" your decorative series lamp , also it save power , if you want to save power just switch off from 11PM till morning it will save almost 50% power and your series will keep glowing at 60% intensity . So try to apply and enjoy
Happy Diwali in advance