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12-23-2011, 11:42 AM
Hello Members!! I have verry less experience in using development boards and programming.. http://www.roboticsindia.com/images/smilies/frown.png .. I have done Keil and Flash prgramming for a p89v51rd2 microcontroller development board ONLY..I am making a mobile robotic arm that uses 2 12v dc motor for base and 5 servos for arm..Now i want a development board that can control all these motor or two boards for seperate dc and servo motor which can be programmed like the above one(that use simple keil and flash program) and the main thing is being RC i want to control it wirelessly..
If you have anything for only servo then also tell me....
The one i used is this http://www.robosoftsystems.co.in/roboshop/index.php/development-boards/8-bit-usb-programmable-microcontroller-board.html