View Full Version : Beginning AVR circuitry

04-04-2012, 11:27 PM
I'm a newbie in robotics. I started by chance on AVR, while taking part in competitions in the college. But I couldn't learn it a very proper manner. I've now started learning the programming part from a book by Mazidi (Programming in AVR - assembly and C language ). I have a strong base in C++ and C. I understand the programming part, but it's the electronics and circuitry part that scares me. Is there anyway I could learn it in a proper manner, preferably from a book ( not an incomplete tutorial kind of thing ).
My doubts are:
1.Which book would you recommend for someone with basic electrical knowledge (1st year basic course in college )?
We always saw online circuits and made our bots exactly the same way.
2.Should it always be done that way or is there a way to learn to make your own circuits?
3.Is making your own circuits necessary part in learning robotics?

Thanks in advance.