View Full Version : bug in ATMEga162V???

05-16-2005, 09:43 AM
currently i am using ATMEGA162V for my robotics project. I use both timer1 and 3 for PWM output (D4,B4 and D5, E2)
and D3 , E0 for interrupt conntected to a photo transistor with slotted wheel. MY problem is with pin D3. it seems it's detecting too much noise such that the processor thought that it's detecting a hole. i tried to use E0 to detect left and right photo transistors and it work well, so it;s not the phototrans problem,. i also tried both motors on pin E0 and it worked fine. is there any difference between pInD3 and E0 interms of circuitrry in the chip? how should i solve the prob? i tried to play with the pull up resistors and it ddnt make any diff. i tried to connect a simple RC filter to the output of the photo trans. no difference. i ionly noticed that if the pull up is enabled, when the filter op is connecteed to the pin, there;s an offset when the output level is low or 0.

hope u guysunderstandmy problem