View Full Version : Workshop and Summer Training - Embedded Systems & Robotics

07-16-2012, 11:20 PM
I recently did a Summer Training course on Embedded Systems & Robotics from HP Education Services.
I worked on Atmegma 16/32 and made various small rojects like :

Alarm Clock using Buzzer; Line Follower Robot; Intelligent Line follower; Automatic Light Follower Robot; Object follower; Electronic voting machine using Switches; Electronic voting machine using UART; Automatic Person counter; Obstacle Avoider Robot; Intelligent Never Falling Robot; CHATTING DEVICE using SPI and UART; Security System using IR sensor and keypad; DTMF Controlled Robot; DTMF based Security System; DTMF BASED CONTROL ROBOT; Home automation contol using DTMF; Information Exchanger based on DTMF; Computer control Robot; Car game on lcd using Atmega 16; Automatic Raliway Crossing ; Automatic Lighting System

I've started gaining Interest in Embedded Systems & Robotics.
Kindly help me out regarding the various places for Workshops and Trainings or Courses....that I can attend to learn more about Embedded Systems & Robotics and also add value to my Resume/CV.
Hoping to receive a healthy response from u guyz :)