View Full Version : Looking for a Stepper Motor for a Wooden Panning Camera

05-28-2005, 09:20 PM
Hi Everyone,

I am looking for a stepper-motor for a camera I am making. As I am not conversant with most technical aspects about motion control systems I am having a problem selecting a suitable motor for my work...However, i am giving below my requirements. I Hope someone here will be able to help me select a suitable stepper motor from these..

-The motor is required to rotate a wooden-handbuilt camera of weight around 2 kgs through a shaft of dia 10-15mm
-The rotation is sought in increments and multiples of 30 degrees
-required rpm range is less-than-one-rpm to over atleast 30-rpm (Preferably upto 120 rpm if possible)
-Accuracy is very important
-Requirement is to rotate at different rpms at different times and hold firmly at different positions
-As the camera is for outdoor work, it is required that the driver/controller is standalone and small in size so that I could attach it to the camera itself
-It is required that the motor is powered by 1.5V AA batteries (6v/12v using pencil batteries)
-It is desired that the drive/controller should be easily programmable and reprogrammable
-The smaller the size of the motor and driver/controller the better
-If possible the driver/controller should have two ‘knobs’, which would set the rpm and the rotation-degree...(For Example, I want to set the knobs to certain settings and then power on the motor, the motor performs the work and stops)

Is this possible with a stepper motor? If yes, what kind of stepper motor do I need? I mean what Specs? and what kind of driver/controllers would be required to run the motor? Or maybe there is some other kind of motor which might do the work for me simply?

I will be really grateful if some of you can post your comments. I can use any info/guidance I get on the subject.