View Full Version : Lajpat Rai Market shop reviews

04-01-2013, 09:17 PM
First of all, BEWARE. NO ONE sells genuine italian Arduinos at Lajpat Rai Market(do not think an arduino branding makes it genuine). If you want an arduino, buy it online (ex: entuino, InduinoX).

VA Electronics (Shop No 802)
A nice store. Good collection of microcontrollers, ics and boards.Great place for AVR people. But you should know what you are looking for as the owner does not know much.

Kaysons Radios (Shop No 363)
A very nice place to shop. I got a really good quality solder and breadboard from here. This is the only store where I found a genuine copper wire breadboard.

Everest Electronics (Shop No 629)
It's not that they sell expensive stuff, they try to sell you the expensive stuff. For example, if you want a DIP connector(rs. 20), he would try to sell you a lock connector(rs. 70).
Before buying anything from them, read your consumer rights first.;)
And always fight for your right.

Bonus Electronics (Shop No 595)
NEVER buy stuff from them unless on a tight budget. They have a genuine looking Arduino Uno, but really it is a duplicate.The best thing I saw on their store was a freeduino.Their cheap prices seemed fishy, so I didn't buy anything from them.Risk takers, go ahead and tell me of the quality in comments below.

10-04-2013, 08:19 PM
Thank you Devta for your review. Kindly recommend an alternate to the original arduino then. Provide link to their online store too.
I purchased ardunino clone from embedded market and I am disappointed with their product. plzz help me out. Also looking for gsm and mp3 related shield or board compatible with arduino.

10-05-2013, 07:09 AM
As I mentioned above entuino from Entesla (entesla.com) and the InduinoX from Simple Labs (simplelabs.co.in) are two good quality boards based on the duemilanove.
If you don't mind cutting down on quality for a lower price, you can get a freeduino locally.