View Full Version : help to build a rc toy

06-05-2005, 02:44 AM
i am deperately trying to make a microcontroller based remote controlled toy car.

what i want to do is control the motors of a toy using a gamepad without any actual wire connections.

plz offer some help....

07-21-2005, 03:20 AM
Hey where exactly have u got stuck? Are you having problem only in the wireless part, which means that you have a toy moving with a wired remote control.

If you have such a toy done then you have two options - either to go for RF or IR, I feel IR would be cheaper and better. You plan properly and let me know so that i can tell you the further solution.

If you are not yet done with a wired remote controlled toy itself , then I wud suggest you to buy L293D to give Bi-directional control to your motors. Use a differential drive system. And buy a microcontroller like Atmel ATtiny 2313 and program it such that if you give a high on one pin it turn left, high on other it turns right, high on both it moves straight and high on a third pin makes it move in reverse direction. This can be done by slowing down one motor to turn it that way. PWM technique must be used to control the motor speed. Keep all the forbidden conditions in mind and design a proper code to avoid them.

07-24-2005, 01:14 AM

you can also use simple RF module for the remote..
Here u can use rf encoder decocder combination,or u can use microcontroller atmel or pic whatever u want...