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06-29-2015, 10:03 AM
Hello All,

I am thinking of buying a decent economical soldering station and need your suggestions.

My budget is max. Rs 3000. Analog or digital would do fine.

I live is delhi and have checked out the shop from where I usually buy soldering stuff from. He imports most of his stuff directly from china. He is only carrying the brand Hokka 636D. It seems like a cheap chinese one with the usual features like digital temp display, 200 - 480 celsius etc. I would have though about going for it, except he is asking for Rs 3900 for it, which I think is steep for a knock off chinese product.

For other options I checked out the online stores and so far I have found 2

1. Ebay - LK936 (lion king). Rs 1,200 approx. This seems to be a ripoff of the popular Hako 936. Checked out its teardown on youtube and it seems like utter crap.

2. Soldron 938. Rs. 2,600. Digital. I have had no experience with Soldron but they seem to have a respectable name in market. The price is also decent.

Has anyone used this Soldron station and has any review/feedback to share?

Also can you suggest ant other brand/make.


07-15-2015, 11:19 AM
Bought Solderon SL-938 eight months ago for smd and through hole soldering, still it is working good.