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08-01-2005, 04:48 PM
hi guys
finally i made my 2nd robot
my 1st one was a balancing bot using gyroscope
now i have made a robotic arm using hydrulics -mainly 4 actuators in the form of syringes to give 3 degrees of freedom in a cylindrical work environment

however all this was all mechanical stuff with little or preferably no electronics
perhaps i forgot to tell i am a mechanical engg from pec chandigarh

now i wanna move on to making better and high end robots
so i guess i will have to use more electronics
tat is where this forum comes in
i want to gain from the expirence of all these robotics enthusiasts out there
guys i know the basic electronics mentioned on the site for beginners and have gone thru all the electronics tutorials
i have a 8051 programmer but i am still to figure out how to make circuits and how to program a uc
i don't know how to interface sensors and all such stuff to the circuit
guys let me know if there is any popular book available that has the answer to all my electronics questions
i tried mazidi but couldn't continue due to inability to understand the stuff--as i don't know what are counters and timers etc ,while it keeps referring to them as if i was an electronics or computer engg
i want to learn from sum book that is for an intermediate student not too much of a beginer to tell me what resisters are and not at an expert level to assume i know everything
i sometimes wonder from where non electronics people learn all this stuff...books of course i guess
but none of them teaches building robots
it teaches all the complex electronics which i may never need
is there no such book that gives sufficent info to build one's own electronic robots
help me guys to become an integral part of this growing faternity

08-01-2005, 09:19 PM
Well before going into uC programming it is helpful to have some basic understanding of transistors diodes, amplifiers and DIGITAL CIRCUITS....u can refer to 'SEDRA SMITH' which u can get from any electronics engineering student...its a nice book with good and clear explanation...u don't need to go into all details...rather just skim the book...oh not everything its 1300+ pages!!! just read what a device is (like timer, transistor, amplifier etc)....

once ur through that u can move on MORRIS MANO...a great book on digital circuits which are the basis of uC and other control stuffs used in robotics....

well if u don't have enough time for that...u can refer these sites for the specific topics....



u can also download some basic electronics notes from the MIT OPEN COURSEWARE website


i guess this info will be useful to you...

neways congrats to you for building such great mechanics...do find time to post some details of ur projects...


08-02-2005, 04:51 PM
Digital Circuits By Moris Mano is a great book to startoff with............ :D

08-07-2005, 01:10 PM
thanx a lot guys esp maxasimo
i think i will go through these books and establish some foundation in electronics
also the sites were quite help ful.though personally i perfer books over them
so thanx a ton guys

n i am trying to upload the pics of the bot from my handicam
i hope it should be up n running soon
thnx again