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08-09-2005, 03:13 PM
Dear electro junkies

I bought a new computer recently & now i wish to put up some of my old compu's parts for sale. Please send me a personal message for queries or purchase
I live in Gurgaon , if you decide to buy you'll have to collect it yourself
(i'll send u the address on request)
ALL DEVICES ARE IN WORKING CONDITION. However There is no warranty from me

SAMSUNG 52x CD-ROM drive (Jan 2004 make, warranty seals intact)
Rs 600/-

Creative Infra Sound Blaster 16 bit
full duplex sound card with Joystick gameport
(ISA bus)
Rs 150/-

US Robotics Sportster 33.6KBPS internal Fax modem (ISA Bus)
Rs 150/-

The old motherboard, with a Pentium 200MHz MMX processor ,its heatsink and fan a junked floppy drive, its SMPS & the cabinet
All for Rs 400/-...perfect for cannibalizing parts!