View Full Version : Robo patrol in Techniche 2005 at IIT Guwahati

08-10-2005, 02:03 AM
Robo Patrol - the Manual Robotics Contest

Circa 1944: the axis powers are fighting a losing battle.The allied forces are closing in on them from all sides. The reign of evil will end soon.
While leading the patrol of the elite sigma-8 tank battalion you were ambushed by enemy. You fought your way out valiantly .While trying to find your way back you noticed an enemy mine-bot laying land mines on the path of your battalion. Your battalion is doomed if you don’t act now. You must take on the mine-bot single handedly and clear all the mines. The destiny of mankind rests with you.

Problem Statement
There are two robots on the arena. While one robot tries to pick active mines from a pool and lay them in designated cavities, the other robot tries to clear these mines and collect them in another pool of diffused mines. The two robots then compete with their roles reversed.

Robot Specifications
• The size of the robot should be limited to 25cm x 20cm x 20cm at the beginning. No weight limitation for the robot.

• Your robot may be wire controlled with the wires remaining slack all the time.

• Use of Lego or similar kits will lead to disqualification.However readymade gearboxes from toys can be used.

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