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09-16-2005, 09:42 PM
Vivekanand Education Societys' Institute of Technology, Mumbai (VESIT) is holding Praxis 2005, its annual techfest on 24th and 25th September 2005. In this, Robotics is a major attraction along with other events too. Total prize money OVER Rs. 1 Lac... Out of this Robotics bags Rs. 50,000/-

Check out the official site : http://praxis.vesit.edu

CALL Event Heads:
Jeetendra Jana (9869698291)
Praveen Pandarkar (9819548885)
Email to : robotics@praxis.vesit.edu

There are in all 4 Robotics events as follows:

1. ROADRASH - Manual
READY STEADY an GO... An ultimate test of manoeuvrability, control and ruggedness. Steer your vehicle to the final destination smartly and swiftly. Beat the team to the finish line and proceed to the next level.
Initial rounds will be based on individual performance(timings), but later one-on-one clashes (knockout) will be introduced.
First : Rs. 8000
Second : Rs. 6000
Third : Rs. 4000

2. ROBOSOCCER - Manual
You Like SOCCER and TECHNOLGY. We have just the right event for you. A test of speed accuracy and manoeuvability and a DASH of soccer knowledge as well. So, Build your own Robo Soccer team, Score maximum goals and WIN!!
First : Rs. 5000
Second : Rs. 3000
Third : Rs. 2000

This event is a sheer test of power and ability to hold ground that a robot must deliver to survive. Higher momentum is definitely a plus. This one is for the ‘man’ rather than the ‘machine’ and tests the controller’s mastery over thecontrols while the robots go head to head to put the opponent out of the ring.
This event aims to explore your creativity against another robots in a field of combat where brute strength & cat-like reflexes hold key to success.
First : Rs. 6000
Second : Rs. 4000
Third : Rs. 2000

4. McKennas' GOLD - Automatic (Robocon style)
Test of Precision and speed for only who can make their robots self guided without human. A legend says that a great Indian treasure is supposedly hidden in the desert. Whoever has gone to fetch it hasn’t returned. If you have it in you be the adventurous Cow boy in the unruly terrain of the Red Indians.
Save 2 people (smaller blocks) stranded in the desert and reach for the GOLD. Contestants should be made aware about the requirements before coming for the event.
First : Rs. 5000
Second : Rs. 3000
Third : Rs. 2000

This Event(Mckennas' Gold) is quite similar to robocon and is equally challenging, and it involves similar conditions like 3cm wide while line, non-black field. only exception is that the objects and robots involved are much smaller .

Shauvik Roy Choudhary.
Praxis Core Committee.