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12-01-2005, 10:55 AM
hi all,
i am facing problem in using the pic18f4680- l/P. the microcontroller is not working atall i am using microchip programmer it shows that the chip is programmed properly when i programm the chip but when i read the chip nothing happens no message or no data!!.
i went through the datasheets they have mentioned some clock modes there,i am using standard 12mhz crystall between osc1 and osc2 and 33pf capacitors i also tried 22pf and 15 pf capacitors, but the thing is not attal working . no clock can be seen on the osc2 or osc1 pin . so i tried external signal generator but my program is not working i have pulled the pin pb0 and pb1 to 5v and have programmed to pull that pin low but the pin is not going low.
is some external resistor reqired to bring the pic in a particular oscillator mode?
if so can any one give me there working pic microcntroller circuit diagram.

also what dose the "i/p" in the chip number signify
wating for reply
thanking all of you in advance

12-01-2005, 03:24 PM

sorry to disturbe you all, but the pic is finally working,
the problem was with the configuration bits, we have to set those to make the pic oscilaltor work !! which we were not doing, this has to be done in the mplab compiler configuration settings while burning the flash in pic.

so finaly tis working :D