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01-09-2006, 03:31 AM
The complex collective social behavior of groups of ants, each by itself performing innocuously simple tasks is a revelation of nature's hidden order embedded in all enveloping chaos. From building gigantic structures to mind boggling coordination when hunting, these aspects of swarm intelligence have led researchers to explore their applications in fields like robotics, search, navigation, and collaborative task handling.

Now to bring the world of ants to your finger tips, we bring to you MISSION MARS. A continuing trend in our world of Robotix, Mission Mars has become a cult following and won laurels, jobs and much more for coding enthusiasts. Your task is to code robot ants which can coordinate among themselves during their mission and to help them probe as much area of the planet as possible, given time as a constraint. You may write your code in C / C++ / Java.

No prior knowledge of networking is required for participating in this contest.

Even better - all you need to do is to submit the code to us ONLINE!!!

And if this wasn’t enough ... you can win prizes worth US$ 1100 (Rs. 50,000) in this event!!!

Last date of submission: 30th January 2006

So all of you who boast about your coding talents, this is your chance to show off the true stuff that you are made of, and also win some hard cash too!!!

http://www.robotixiitkgp.org (http://www.robotixiitkgp.org)

Join the group missionmars@yahoogroups.com for further discussions and updates regarding this event.