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01-14-2006, 06:47 PM
hey u all!
i went thru all the posts in this forum and am seeing people going for avr uC.
Well thought i too will take the plunge :D . i am planning to build a rover bot. i am going to give it infrared and ultrasonic radar and maybe later if posssible i wud like to give it vision thru a cam
now my question to you is which avr series shud i go for.i think atmega8 or atmega16 is sufficient but m not sure whether they are any good for vision system.please tell me which one shud i use. :?:

please tell me where can i get these chips here in hyderabad with approximate costs.

also i am planning to use the following programmer .will it be enough for these chips.



01-14-2006, 06:55 PM

You have selected a good power full programmer. I would suggest that you can use ATmega16 and some periferal controller like Mega8 to achive the full networked Brain like function. Using multiple controllers will help you to implement a Frame work similar to a Neural Network computing. Enabling faster responses and less loading on the Master controller.

Now the question comes that which bus to use. I would suggest that if you have one master then you can use the good old SPI for very high speed tranctions between the controllers. Or the USART will be sufficient. But if you plan to use Multiple masters then you have to implemnt a Token Bus on I2C.