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01-15-2006, 01:01 AM
Hi everybody
I'm from Nepal, studying in Grade-XII (going for Elx_&_Comm_Eng_ soon)
I'm verymuch interested in electronis (esp control sys & robotics)
I've recently completed doing the parallel port interfacing, use of buffer ICs, simple
digital logics, etc

Now I want to go for the microcontrollers. However I've no previous knowledge in it. I've
been reading some (can say many) internet articles about uC since a couple of
weeks. Reading all those stuffs I think that I can get started. I've many things in
mind but right now I just want to learn the uC.

Browsing through a number of robotics sites I came to know that PICs (esp 16F84) are most
commonly used uC. So I started reading about it. I found it easy to built a programmer
( the NOPP, TOPIC, etc) and a bit difficult to write the program (in assembly) yet
OK and easily convertable to .HEX file by MPASM and easy to burn to the uC using the
NOPP.EXE and not much expensive (i never knew). But the problem is I don't know wheather
it is available (..also affordable) in Nepal (if its available & affordable in India it
must be adjustable in Nepal). For all these reasons I started to look for the substitute
(cheap, easily available, programmer that can be easily built & easy to write program).

In the course details of Elx & Comm Engineering I've once seen about uC and esp the
8085 series. So i thought these must be available here. And right in this forum I got
to know a lot about it. Yet my confusions are not clear. As a begineer I want the
cheapest uC for which it is easy to build programmer circuit (by myself), and write
the program. Here in this forum I came to know about Amtel 8051, Amtel AVR 8051

The main question:-
Considering the price (the most) and ease of building programmer & writing program; among
PIC 16F84, AT89C51\52, AT89C2051, Amtel AVRs or others which one would be a better
choice of a begineer like me?

Please please please..u guys help me. I'm hoping a reply soon.

01-15-2006, 05:04 AM
it is really nice to know that you are very very interested in uC.. and you are from Nepal...

why dont you read this url...

this is by admin.. hope this will make your life quite easier...

also this

If you ask me .. i will say Atmel .. Atmega 8.. 16.. 32.. 128........


01-15-2006, 03:47 PM
avr is the preferred choice by almost the entire robotiks fraternity...
pros and cons. of avr was discussed in the forum a couple of days back...
go through th forum and read tat article.. u ll den understand why!!!!

01-15-2006, 11:57 PM
Thank u mishradk and addy for your help.
Just today I went to some electronics shops and found out that Amtel AVR series uC are not available. So I can't go for atmega8 or other AVR uCs.

But some amtel uC r are found here. The at89c52 (at Indian Rs 125) and at89c55 (at IRs 188).
Also PIC 16F84A (at IRs 219)is found.

I think that PIC 16F84A is OK bcoz it is easy and cheap to build a programmer.

But as at89c52 is cheaper than the PIC uC I personally want to go for it. You guys also talk about more about it than the PIC uC.
But the problem is I don't know how to build a programmer for it and also about the softwares required. I want the programmer to be easy and cheap to build and the software a free one. ..and one thing do the at89c51 and at89c52 work preety same (ie use same programmer and softwares)???

And for the PIC 16F84A, is it the same as PIC 16F84? What r the differences? Will the same programmer and programmer software (NOPP, TOPIC2, FPP, etc) work for both?

PLZ guys help me. In Nepal it is really difficult to learn any thing about technology like this (except from the internet). I'm hoping a good help from u members. Plz reply soon...

01-16-2006, 12:55 AM
But as at89c52 is cheaper than the PIC uC I personally want to go for it

Hi not to dissapoint you but dont go for the c51/c52 ( unless u have a programmer ready with you ... they require complex programmers ) . If the series s52 . s8252 are availbile use them ( they are serially programmable though they ma be more exp than PIC ).

So go for PIC

My advice ... india to nepal delivery wont cross above Rs 60 ( correct me if im wrong ) .. So ill advice get IC's from india .. They will still cost less than the prices you have mentioned .

01-16-2006, 04:21 AM
firstly u r saying abt cost
Then abt help on internet

Let me compare

AVR atmeg8is best

AVR: chip cost(100-400)+programmer cost(40)+compiler cost(Rs.0) since open source compiler exist and u will get full version,inbuilt ADC
PIC: chip cost(50-300)+programmer cost(450)+compiler cost, we won't get any free software, max programmable space for compiler is 2K,inbuilt ADC
8051: chip cost(50-200)+programmer cost(850)+compiler cost, we won't get any free software, max programmable space for compiler is 2K, no inbuilt ADC

speed, facilities, learning curve,help


comparing all these AVR is best. Here i said abt the cheap programmer cost I know.

AVR lacks with others only in

Books,speed of ADC(15K)

Bibin John

01-17-2006, 06:56 PM
Hey ,

I support yogi, Atmega8 is the best to star on micro controllers.
So if u know C programmind and if u are already been on to GNU/Linux

YOU can go directly to this site http://pramode.net/articles/lfy/atmega8/pramode.html

It is the best manual on ATMEGA8 4 a beginner on GNU/Linux


01-18-2006, 01:30 AM
I'll vote for PIC: The first, the best and the most support, from Microchip and the WWW for years! (google prooves it)
only NOW, Atmel is coming out....
F84 and f84a are similar, except the A is twice faster, no RC osc, ...

www.robotbuilder.co.uk/forum/post.asp?method=ReplyQuote& REPLY_ID=2058&TOPIC_ID=302&FORUM_ID=5

01-27-2006, 11:25 AM

I started out as a hobbyist and now my passion turned into profession. I am absolutely self taught and count on the PIC. My elder brother is the branch manager in Sansui Siliguri. If you want I can send you documents and ebooks on CD. I can send you chips and starter kits also but its better if you arrange yourself. We don't get micros in Kolkata and I generally get it from Delhi or Mumbai. Send me a private message if you are interested and best of luck.