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01-15-2006, 03:21 PM
I think robotics competitions have to get redesigned.


* All competitions have a objective which robot has to accomplish

This need not be a criterion. You can invite all robos and judge them. I know this is going to be tough, large number of robos mite come and finding winner mite b difficult

Since most college competitions have 2 robo events , then u could possibly classify competitions like legged robos etc .. on nature of movement or nature of complexity as Low , medium or high or on nature of purposes eg : helper robos ( personal assistants). Let more ideas sore..

The reason why i feel this is neccesary is coz,

Lot of money is spent by students to build these machines , all doing the same things.

For eg: At IITM at shaastra around 70 robos participated in each of the 2 robotics events. So people start building just the machines as per competitions requirements. all this bcoz the cords have a tough time.

Lots of energy, money , ideas etc get wasted due to this reason. Prizes will be given to "real good robots", let that be our motto for the upcoming events than for "robot which is of this size, this wt, can do these all things, etc.. " . Judgement will be difficult, but that will make more ideas to be implemented. The reason i support such a difficult and risky idea is coz, we dont know whether there exists alternate mechanism for efficent systems. Let all these people think and i bet u , u will have a lot to watch and understand about each robot at each competition.


01-15-2006, 03:42 PM
quite right!!!!!!
we should have project presentation rather ''line following'' all d time.

the reason is tat then the students ll explore new grounds and ll not end up their engg. doing the same robo again and again for prizes...

and new ideas ll be implemented then in unexplored domains....

01-15-2006, 05:33 PM
Ive got only one suggestion ... Hosts should not participate. This will go a long way in preventing cheats and preoptimizations etc .

Also most robots required for these competitions can be built cheaply for about < 2k ( so money does not matter much ) . What about when u say no limits and start seeing High end entries ( with budgets > 50 k + ) ... you can never compare these on features size etc ... with the low end ones ... So might leave the average joe dishartened ... Remember India is a poor country and Robotics is a expensive hobby.

01-15-2006, 10:35 PM
well this is indeed a gr8 idea...v can have one common national platform for this...but the main prb i can think of is that if a robot wins at one of the competitions then it wud still win some prize or other at other events since it;s that gud...so there shud be some criteria...y not the ppl here pool in and have such an annual or biannual fest for showcasin the skills...i can get my collg to give some money or sponsorship from other sources...others might be able to do the same...wanna try,,,do reply

01-16-2006, 03:28 AM
Ive got only one suggestion ... Hosts should not participate. This will go a long way in preventing cheats and preoptimizations etc .

absolutely true...... they ll definately have a huge advantage over other teams.... they shouldn participate....

Also most robots required for these competitions can be built cheaply for about < 2k ( so money does not matter much ) . What about when u say no limits and start seeing High end entries ( with budgets > 50 k + ) .

now this point is debateable...
if u don do this , then there wont be some real gud robo's coming up in india which has a gud deal of practical applicability... money has to be drained ...
there can be one big competition{national level} for project presentations in robotiks...this might give students the incentive to come fwd and complete something really challenging....

01-16-2006, 04:16 AM
idea is nice,but still probs occurs

see some colleges give funds to students to build robots and participating in competitions, but some others won't give.

Now indian robos are still with line follower, micromouse from the time of my second year to final year. So we need some good improvement. If you talk abt B.tech it is just starts in second year and some persons end in 3rd yr itself bcz they got job in final yr or end in final yr.

So when we prepare such ideas we have to see all matters.

01-16-2006, 04:55 AM
Now indian robos are still with line follower, micromouse from the time of my second year to final year.

the problem begins with the fact tat most of dem who r gud gets placed and den they hardly do anything in the field....
we hardly have guys like vikas who still remains associated with robotiks...
the whole issue is to have some kinda association to promote and back up young guys wid experience and money so tat freaking guys can do something really gud in the field...

07-21-2006, 11:45 PM
Hi folks!
This is a lost post but a good thought process, deserving re-opening!
Several things:
1. Robotic competitions are meant for participation rather than advancements. This is what the Organisers look for.
A lot of events are just a little different than the previous. But how many entries are there???
Neither Co-Ords nor the Organisers anounce the Number of entries or the Prize winners. No-one talks of the Events ( participants ) or their experience. I wonder: is there ANY feedback to the Organisers???

2. Standards can only be set through active Feedback. Most of the events draw pathetic number of entries, apart from some exceptions.

3. Some of the events are quite novel and imaginative, First-of-its-kind affairs. But these have a flaw: The entries have to PROOVE their entrance with complete details, Project report, Photos and Videos to the Hosts!!!

This means that the |Hosts will have plenty of ideas to work with and prepare for. The entrants have nothing but the Problem statement and the Rules.

Qualifying Round
The contest will comprise of a qualifying round based on video eliminations for the finals to be held at IIT Bombay, Mumbai, India.
For the video eliminations, the teams must send a parcel containing the following to the address mentioned below. Contents of the parcel to be sent:
The name of the machine, names of team members as well as the name of the institution.
An abstract of not more than two A4 sheets (one side) covering essentially the principle used by the machine, the approximate time taken to complete the task and the projected final cost of the machine.
A Compact Disc (C.D.)/ D.V.D containing the video of the machine in action. It should essentially contain the following:

A portion of this tape must be an uninterrupted, shot in one angle and unedited recording and showing the machine first moving for at least 600 mm on arena shown below and then crossing an intersection as shown below.

The pipes used should be standard GI pipes of nominal diameter 0.75 inch and external diameter 26.5 ± 1 mm. For convenience the participants can use cross.

A detailed look at and explanation of the machine, including close-up shots and shots from various directions.
Participants are essentially required to have a narration (in English/Hindi) also along with the video.
A signed letter from the Dean/Head of your institute granting permission for you to participate in G.R.I.P. at Techfest-2006.
Techfest 2006,
Student Gymkhana,
IIT Bombay, Powai,
Mumbai 400076
Tel-91-22-2576 4045, 91-22-98202 54064
Fax-91-22-2572 3480

The criterion for selection in qualifying round shall include completion of the tasks as stated above, approximate time taken to do the same as well as uniqueness and design of the machine.
The contents of the parcels (the description of your machine and the video) would be kept strictly confidential.
The last date for receipt of parcels from outside India is 10th December, 2005, while that from within India is 25th December, 2005.
The teams will not be allowed to participate if the parcels are not received in time. We shall not be responsible for any postal delay or any irregularity resulting in non-delivery of the parcels.
The results of the qualifying round will have no contribution towards the final competition to be held from 20th – 22nd January 2006.
The organizers will not provide any system like microprocessor kits, computers etc. at the venue.
The organizers reserve all rights to change any or all of the above rules as they deem fit. Change in any rule, if any will be highlighted on the website.
The decision of the judges and the organizers will be final and binding.

4. The rules are quite 'crafty and villaneous'... 8O

The organizers reserve the right to change any or all of the rules mentioned above, at any point during or before the competition. If any rule is changed, the participants will be intimated via email.


Rules???? 8O

5. The Question: who benefits from these high-funda Novel Events???

Can you imagine the heart burn of the contestants :?: