View Full Version : high torque stepper motor and driver ic in delhi, its urgent

01-20-2006, 01:26 AM
can anyone tell me about a good stepper motor having a high torque (say upto 5 kg lifting capacity) ,i need specifications too and associated driver ic or circuit (should be according to motor and should high current capacity ~2-3 Amp),

everest sales ,lajpat rai,delhi has them but donot has there specifications.

pls its urgent :roll:

10-02-2007, 03:16 AM
use l298

10-02-2007, 04:49 PM
I would prefer higher rated transistors or MOSFETS for anything bigger than 1.5 A, rather than L298s!!!

L298s doesnt seem to be reliable at currents close to 2 A.(My own experience :D ) you need a very good heat sink !! and a good PCB!!