View Full Version : finally got to program mega16

02-06-2006, 12:19 AM
hey guys i finally was able to program the atmaga16l microcontroller after a lots of troubleshooting day and night for 3 days.man what a relief.

thanks for your suggestion yogi and firebolt.i did waht u said .i implemented all of them but with little luck. its seems the major problem was that i fried the two atmega16l accidently by sending a high negative voltage of 12V. :cry:

i cud'nt find out what was the problem untill i brought a multimeter and checked the output voltage of my regulator.its was then that i went and brought another atmega16l and tested it again using bsd programmer both in linux and windows but again the same problem occured.than i swithced to using a serial programmer with ponyprog and the chip was detected and my first program was succesfully writteen. :D
i think the parallel port in xp seems to interfere somehow while programming.

anyways thanks for ur help guys .will keep ri posted about my robot.


PS:)if anyone needs the programmer just give a msg and i will send u the details.
i was all along thinking if this does'nt work i wud go a buy a ready made programmer for 3000 bucks.and now i hav with me 3000 addtional bucks to get more chips. :D