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02-20-2004, 02:33 PM
Hello people i am looking for people in delhi whao have similar intrests in robotics and embedded programming :?: If you are one of them lets get togeter somtime ???? What do you say ... ;)

02-23-2004, 12:47 AM
alrighty then

09-20-2004, 03:54 PM
Hi there..I am an engineering student frm del and is currently working on a line following robot......as this is my first so i am just a minor in this field but has go alot of interest in the same.... so yes, if we ppl frm del can meet up sumtime then it's goona be gr8 for each one of us.....u ppl can mail me at aggy_28@sify.com...acha vikas pls help me out...i don't knw a shop frm where i can get the body of my model or frm where i can get the parts for making the body like aluminum sheet, tyres etc...acha also refer me a shop frm where i can get my body made i.e. frm where i can shape up or get the moulding done......thanx alot
bye n tk care

09-20-2004, 04:24 PM
Well some one from delhi :) into robotics :)

Any way my advice to you will to be buy a toy or get those geared motors . Building a body requires some experiece before hand and is not recommended for first timers . when you rip a toy ( you get the tyres free ... anyway no one sells tyres in india ) . Also lajpat rai is the place for all you electronics and electrical needs :) . Hope this helps .

09-21-2004, 11:52 AM
well adv,
i have made a wheeled robot. the body n everything. u can download my project report which includes the construction, the mathematics, the electronics, and the programs ..... everything that u need to construct one such robot. here goes the link.......

http://f5.grp.yahoofs.com/v1/YHwtQXpIvrLZezd2kRzfXqdJlZNd9far6JLBHrR09AzFgRNNX2 3Dp6MTjGDumSGjtT-4ZH_0XzhtqRJ8UvQh2A/Endeavour/report.pdf

if u have problem downloading it.... then go to the download page. the link is....
here the 1st project ENDEAVOUR .... is the report u want.
well, if u r interested in the kinematics of automatic control of wheeled mobile robots (WMRs) then u can download the other reports named as original report etc.... this is a field which deals with the solutions of problems such as parking problem, line following n other problems associated with automatic control of vehicles.
in case, you need some personal help, u can contact me or meet me also. I am a Research engineer in IIT delhi. i met vikas some day back, n it was funny. u can contact me in this number.... 26596320... between 10 to 6. ask for subhasis behera.
but, i think, u ll get all the relevant information from my report. rest, there r some people , who have done a lot of work in this field, like obstacle sensing n path planning etc.... if u r interested i can tell u there link.
for vikas, this guy from univ of michigan has done some work which may be of ur interest. follow this link.....
n his homepage...
i think, this is of use....

09-21-2004, 01:39 PM
nice site and keep up the work !

But i can't get ur pdf to dLoad.,
please rectify that asap.i would love to see it.
The pages showed the simulation ,did u construct the machine?

looks like there are quite a few of us interested than what i had imagined.
anyway,i'm in Bombay.


09-21-2004, 03:09 PM
hi ICE,
Thanks for the complements n for the info about the problem with my website. I have rectified it.
well, i saw ur website and i think, you r in a gr8 position to help me.
firstly, i want shaft encoders immediately. Please tell me some good source of redymade stuff.
second, i want to use ultrasonic or ladar (laser radar) sensors for distance measurement which has to be used in the following purpose. i am giving a problem statement below. well, tell me if i can find them anywhere in india. good ones. i am more interested in ladar. well, i saw in ur site that u have worked in ultrasonic distance ranging..... so u may help me.
i could not find your name anywhere in ur site???? :) i really did an honest search....
i was in mumbai for 6 months during my B.Tech.... i was in IIT Bombay and worked with prof. Kurien.

here is the problem statement....

Given an initial and final posture of the vehicle, that the robot has to reach in an environment having unknown obstacles. The obstacles r randomly scattered n the vehicle has no prior knowledge of them. The vehicle has to sence the obstacles and their distance so that the distance data can be used to decide the path on the basis of that information. For this the distance measurement has to be done from a reasonable distance with good accuracy. The sensor will be mounted on a servo to loacate its angular orientation with respect to the reference orientation.i will make the rotating head, n so i need only a sensor.... not necessarily with a servo. This way, the vehicle will move on the basis of the sensor data till it reaches the destination point.
I guess my usage of the sensor is quite clear. so if u can give me some source, it would be great. well, i want quite accurate values of distance and the path planning will be done online, on the basis of the distance that i obtain from the sensor.
reply soon...

09-21-2004, 05:12 PM
my name's jerry[rather Gerard].The names on the first page.
nice of u to have a project done at IIT B.next time u come to B'bay ,we meet.
Yea i had worked on ultrasonic ranging, but only on a test scale with a distance measurement ,the range was rather low.
the values were a bit garbled.I'll be including links at the bottom of the post for a rather well documented vaccum cleaner which has a kid of ur problem statement of avoiding obstacles and u can try it's ckt out.

i think ur best bet will be using a usonic sensor, Ladar [this is the first time i came across this acronym :lol: ] will need you to couple a camera,so that u can track the laser dot.

I have not yet done a project like this but this would be my logical thinking.:

u scan ur usonic sensor across the room.
note down the distances for each angular shift
dump the whole distance vs angular chart into an array of x*y
tell the processor to mark those blocks within a certain threshold distance as obstacles
tell the machine to avoid those blocks
(if u came across this though,leave it,maybe useful for someone else)

i still haven' found a source for encoders in India[see the encoders post]
acroname sells kits.Maybe we RI'ans can persuade Acroname to send a bulk shipment of stuff to India , if we all order stuff together.

Be careful while buying encoders.Look out for Quadrature encoders.They actually have one separate extra signal out of phase ,so that u can detect direction.

DREXEL univ has illustratiove ranging and path planning algos

here are the links for the suckmaster vaccum cleaner

i'll reply if i come across anything relevant.
if it could be possible,it would be better if these 2 posts could be shifted to a new post or the "encoder post".It makes it easier for people to find relevant stuff.


09-21-2004, 11:57 PM
thanx alot guys
i hv my exams now...wll get bk soon

09-22-2004, 11:26 AM
hey gerry,
well, i saw that.... but, i felt it s a nic. bcoz, it is a pretty unusual name for an indian..... :)
n for ladar, i too learnt that term a couple of days b4.
i may go to mumbai in january.
Thanks for the valuable information, i ll look into it.
keep informing about any new thing u find.