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  1. Naveenkumar's Avatar
    Hi Sir, I want to create a robot dog as my pet you have any suggestions. pls replay me.
    Thank you
  2. harshil5481's Avatar
    Sir, plz tell me of the best places from where I can do my summer internship for embedded and robotics courses......
    And also the various recognized certification courses and workshops that i can attend....
    Thank U ...
  3. mcufreak's Avatar
    Well.....may be its obsolete but let me speak.
    Any enthusiast/hobbyist knows from bottom of heart that selling ready-made projects is wrong.
    @Allbits when you were providing paid consultancy/guidance I dont think you had not ethics that you have now, you really had point to support your view morally.
    If I talk practically...... when you see that the students are buying ready-made projects and you are able to do that you will try to save them.

    What are the options infront of you???
    1)You can not tech them everything because they dont want.
    2)If you do it for themselves without any payment(or cost of components) and put your hard efforts for nothing thats impossible.
    3)If you let them buy from a shop and dont do anything they will end up with 2-3 times more price and zero demonstration for that.

    So its my personal opinion that if you sell a project to someone.....its wrong but if you let him buy for more price and less demo. from a shop...... even thats not right as you can save him plus earn a little money to support yourself.

    Yes advertising it on RI is definitely wrong........ thats why i have apologized for my post.

    And Sir as per new versus old is concerned...... of course today its bette. There are some idiots who think they have made a 'robot' but yes if one really wants to make a robot.... definitely its easier today

    See what Dave Jones says about it

  4. allbits's Avatar
    Cool down, kid.

    Those are my words, and I have sold lots. But have i written anywhere what i have sold? I have guided 500+ projects, over these years, but never even once, have i 'sold a project'. of anything of that sort. or anything complete that they can plug and play into their semester requirement. I have not, ever, advertised anything - that I guide projects, Online, or otherwise - not in a newspaper, I have not printed a brochure, or even a leaflet. I guide people who come to me, and guiding projects is not the way i earn my bread and butter. Find a single post from me at RI or any other forum, advertising anything what I do!

    I dont even Guide students these days, because I find its not worth it. That is my personal choice. That, has nothing to do with the forums.

    The buy and sell section is to sell robotic parts, or anything like that.

    Why, i wrote this blog, was how the student project/workshop markets has taken over the scenario that its killing real interests or real talents. RI had a lot of good discussions earlier, I have learnt a lot in my initial stages of learning robotics by following discussions in RI, and of course many other forums. We dont see it much now. I dont see many of the earlier participants here these days, and its been a long time I saw doc here. The forums are misused by vendors, and workshop people. And thats when you came in with a ready made solution, with complete report, and everything. That was the threshold.

    It does not directly affect me if someone, thousands of kilometers away, sell a ready made stuff to someone who I have never seen or heard, in my life. But if that person uses a platform, which is community driven, you will have to respect the views of the people in the community. If you dont, you get treated bad. You can keep on commenting on this blog for ever, but that is not going to help you in getting what you came here for.
  5. niranjanjoshi_2288's Avatar
    Its not why you should not sell. It doesn't matter if some people sell it or not. I have sold stuff to people, i have made a lot of money, and i hate to do that now, i dont do it now, because i dont feel it is worth it.

    these are ur words if i am not wrong posted at the very same thread u got motivated by

    so as now u dont feel like making money out of projects it has suddenly become unethical!!!!!!!
    hippocracy at its best
  6. niranjanjoshi_2288's Avatar
    its the language that u have used that is offending
    if e-bay is the right place then why is there a sell and buy section on this site
    i posted the thread in that section not in a discussion section!!
    if u realy r intrested in good discussion then why r u wasting effort and time on all such posts and wasting ur language skills writting such articles and getting motivated by the wrong things
  7. allbits's Avatar
    @niranjan : Thanks for stopping by to read the blog.

    The forum was meant for good discussions in Robotics. Let us discuss/learn robotics there. If your project is an embedded project for sale, RoboticsIndia is not the right place to post it for sale. Ebay would be a better option.

    The blog, is my personal view, and I stick to it. This particular blog post was 'motivated' by the thread, and not Motivated by you.

    but then, If you get offended/irritated/angry reading my post, it is your problem, not mine.
  8. niranjanjoshi_2288's Avatar
    before the internet u had a vision but i think that vision has blurred so u cant read a simple post
    i resisted offending but its something that is getting ugly by the day so forgive me and if u cant i don't care
    but rest assured i will not use abusive language over here like u have done to prove ur intelligence and level of thinking.
  9. niranjanjoshi_2288's Avatar
    surprisingly there is not even a word in that thread that suggests it to be a robot neither have i claimed it to be a robot it is an embedded project !!!!anyways i don't take offense at this post and feel that people are wasting effort and time criticizing others over here and some of them have taken to dis job quite seriously and do it on a daily basis!!!

    any ways i think people have either misread the post as a robot or may be they have themselves created new definitions of robots (may be to adjust to modern times) or have heard of some people talking about such projects to be bots or have themselves done so in the past.
    or may be they have nothing to assume and so have deduced inferences from their intelligent robots that they have created that others have a perception that a PC Operated wireless car is somehow a tough competitor to their advanced robots that are out of the world.

    or may be it is plain nostalgia of good old times

    my sugesttion

    move on and get a life
  10. vikas's Avatar
    Lucky you , wish i was also there ...

    Will make this entry front page with the new system in place after some days.

    We need faster robots in India ... :| ... maybe should write something on how to build them .... hmm
  11. avinash_g's Avatar
    Good one, you have well explained your feelings!

    I too face many such impossible guys. But I am NOT in guidance business. But selling technical products is also some time as much the pain!
  12. pratheek's Avatar
    Even I had the same horrible experience, one that I was not expecting from an international competition.

    It was clearly an ad gimmick by the organizers who were selling soccer robots of 1.5 Lakhs and humanoids for 4.5 Lakhs in one of their stalls.

    I have attended many local competitions that were a lot better than FIRA in terms of participant's enthusiasm, knowledge and event organization.
  13. docel's Avatar
    ....some guys NEVER learn.... no matter how much you 'tell' them.

    It is NOT that they cant learn- just that they refuse to learn.

    I'm game for the "anti- 3 -idiots' movie !!!
  14. docel's Avatar
    Sorry to hear of it San_88 !! but a great commendable job indeed by you guys from IIT Kgp ! We wish you the best for your China event and am sure you'll win there and else where too !!
    I was expecting a sure win for the Acyut guys too, but then they seem to have had some bad luck. They have a good Humanoid and have put in a lot of effort. We wish Team Acyut the best of luck in their forth coming events and hope to see more wins !!
  15. allbits's Avatar
    Yes, I saw the video of the finals, the Slovakians were a bit too good.
    Its good to see Indian participation, and I dont think it is 'tragic' as you say, as this was your first participation at this level.
    Good luck for next time.
  16. docel's Avatar
    FIRA is just a joke.... they don't seem too enthusiastic about Indian participation.

    Looks like you simply wasted your time there, Allbits, in spite of my prediction of this very state of affairs !

    Next year, you wont see even this much participation. it is just an advt gimmick to sell 1000s of $$ worth of Robots to unsuspecting individuals and groups. I wonder: did you SEE Liu there, by any chance??? or any one of the manus & genus original designers from the NUS ?
    The Diwaker vaish story is in line with the Fira claims- just a lot of gas.

    Wonder... how did IEEE get conned by this conference/ event ??
    World cup ?
    Indeed !! If they advertise and say visitors allowed, then I don't see why they must be so secretive.
    Updated 09-21-2010 at 09:29 AM by docel
  17. san_88's Avatar
    Hi, I was the captain of the IIT Kharagpur Mirosot team. We ended up being the only Indian team I guess to participate in Mirosot (and the first I guess). We were up against Slovakia (world champs) and lost 17-0 (malaysia lost 11-1 to them). We did havea few setbacks due to damaged hardware but overall we were toe to toe in all the other hardware and software. our camera beign appreciably slower than the Slovakians, was the bottleneck, which we wil be fiing and hope to hit back next year in China! our blog will be put up shortly with some of our tragic shortcomings
  18. vikas's Avatar
    Looks like i did not miss anything , nor i was expecting. And with such hostile hosts ... i would simply never bother going either.
  19. shashak's Avatar
    Just a change in education system, all will change for better i believe. There is over commercialization of education.
    Practicals are bump by students, and moreover practical itself are more boring then theory. And teachers give ex student's report to copy because she herself has no clue of actual significance of experiment.
    CS engineer cannot create software if it not documented on google or still think 100 LOC is great achievement, mechanical engineer cannot create a job on lathe if it’s not been shown before, electronics topper does not know how a diode look likes.
    And moreover year on year large chunk of STUDENT engineers pick up readymade toys and compete in toywar .. oh sorry robowars all around the country, just for the a certificate to paste with resume to get into not so technical software jobs.
  20. vikas's Avatar
    I think you could have made 25k easy , i hope those guys learnt their lesson.
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