1. Beginners Robotics Guide : Basic Electronics - I

    The goal of this tutorial is to provide some basic information about electronic circuits. We make the assumption that you have no prior knowledge of electronics, electricity, or circuits, and start from the basics. This is an unconventional approach, so it may be interesting, or at least amusing, even if you do have some experience.

    So, the first question is ``What is an electronic circuit?''. A circuit is a structure that directs and controls electric currents, presumably to perform ...
  2. Beginners Robotics Guide: The Checklist

    For all people who are just starting out ( assuming that you know nothing ) . Here's an idea of all that is required from you to build a robot ...

    Robotics as a hobby or interest is not as easy as you might think. Building even a simple robot requires on your part to know quite a few things like electronics , programming , mechanics etc . So, I have compiled a small check list of things that are required.

    Electronics -

    It is a must. I don't assume ...
  3. Beginner's Robotics Guide: Using Infra Red for Robotics - Part II

    In the previous part, we learned about object detection using Infra Red and the various circuits and methods required . In this part we will go a little further and learn about how ranging can be performed with simple IR Modules and how communication and control can be implemented .

    Ranging using Infra Red

    Infra red range finder oues are available but due to the non availability/high cost in India, we will have to try out something which is readily available for example ...
  4. Beginner's Robotics Guide: Using Infra Red for Robotics - Part I

    Infra red sensors are one of the most widely used sensors for object detection for small mobile robots . They are easy to implement and low cost, making them one of the most perfect sensors . In this article we will learn how we can implement them with commonly available and low cost components .

    Infra red as we all know is the wavelength above VIBGYOR's Red which the humans can't see . I will come straight to the point now , as of now most of you must be knowing what it is and where ...
  5. Beginners Robotics Guide : Robot Types - Wheeled

    In the last part we looked at the various types of legged robots which can be built now we will look at the Wheeled (Tyre based) driving systems which are most commonly used and preferred .


    * Differential drive
    * Synchro drive
    * Car-type drive
    * Skid-steer drive
    * Articulated drive
    * Pivot drive
    * Dual differential drive

    Differential Drive

    The differential drive ...

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