1. Beginners Robotics Guide : Robot Types -Legged

    That is the first question that strikes anyone who wants to make robots to perform a task. By “type”, I mean the method of locomotion or movement of the robot. Legged or wheeled? How to choose among these ? Let me give you (or try to give you) a slight idea to help you out.

    There are many different locomotion types for small mobile robots. Generally,they can be divided into two types: legged and wheeled. Legged locomotion is very versatile but not as efficient as wheeled locomotion ...

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  2. Beginners Robotics Guide : Basic Mechanics

    The branch of physics that deals with the action of forces on matter is referred to as mechanics. All considerations of motion are addressed by mechanics, as well as the transmission of forces through the use of simple machines. In this article , the goal is a mechanical goal (placing blocks into a bin) and electronics are used to control the mechanics.

    Describing motion involves more than just saying that an object moved three feet to the right. The magnitude and direction of the ...

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  3. Beginners Robotics Guide : Motors

    This article covers the 3 main types of motors which are used in robotics namely the DC motor , Stepper motor and the Servo motor. The article also gives various circuits which can be used to drive the motors . This article is a must for all those starting out or are confused about motors .
    Nearly all the robots we make have motors be it servo , stepper or some other unless you are using stuff like pneumatics , synthetic muscle etc . Any way coming back to the point there are mainly 3 types ...

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