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    thank you nice tutorial.
    one mistake that as ' @crond ' mention it.
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    Several start-up companies are there.
    JAY ROBOTIX Pvt. Ltd. is one of them.
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    really useful info !!!
    can you please suggest the companies i could approach for an internship ???

    thanks a lot
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    wonderful information
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    Good one. There is a small printing mistake, "Gd is the proportional gain constant ". It is supposed to be "Gp" in the explanation of the 'P' part.

    Good work
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    Another beginner's guide, loved it. I guess everything about beginners as of now, interests me a lot. Been looking into robotics since late last year, already got electronics basics. Thanks for this intro guide @support.
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    Hello sir... Thank you for the additional references at the end. This is interesting to me who wants to know the basics.
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    I am fresher in t his field, and i have to do robot navigation..can u refer me suggest me to do ,what are all the steps i have to do for designing base in gazebo and like that...
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    am extremely delighted to see this intend to design a robot for my helpd me a lot...
    thanks again. .
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    very good explanation

    i got few questions regarding this
    - what will be the result if 2 motors of torque A and another 2 motors of torque B are connected in front and back respectively ?
    - what will be the result if 2 motors of RPM A and another 2 motors of RPM B are connected in front and back respectively ?
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    very informative...thanks for the post...
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    very helpful
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    Amazing tutorial..... everything is made so simple and practical. Thanks Vikas please provide more such articles.
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    Thanks for wonderful information. I think its very much valuable for students and new comers .
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    Quote Originally Posted by akshay66
    No Photos!!!
    Fixed, thanks for pointing that out.
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    No Photos!!!
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