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Hi Guys!!
This is my little space where I would like to post my grunts & rants !
I go on some weird internet journeys all the time when I stumble across weird stuff. I sometimes feel it is good to share these things with you all.

I hope that you will be inspired by the stuff that I put up in this blog.

Good Luck & best wishes!!

  1. Slaves to drive Robots !!

    Man has known to grow lazier, over the entire evolution phase. lazy - so how to do work??
    Catch an animal and 'make' it do his job!!

    This evolution of mans' laziness has seen all kinds of animals - smaller than and larger than man himself- put to use as his slave, to do his job at his bidding.

    Then came the Machines. They did better than Man & his slave animals put together. Animal slaves were fast replaced by Machines in all walks of the Human race.
    Is ...

    Updated 01-03-2010 at 12:06 AM by docel

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