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  1. sakakiwa's Avatar
    thanks a lot
  2. chandu98's Avatar
    Could u please mention the rate of above items altogether.
  3. vinodstanur's Avatar
    So, who are those 4 members? Does any one got it?
  4. shakerobo's Avatar
    count me too....
  5. RONAKJAIN's Avatar
    I am intrested .count me in..
  6. vinodstanur's Avatar
    I want it
  7. vinodstanur's Avatar
    me too....:-)
  8. aks98671's Avatar
    I am intrested
    Updated 04-16-2012 at 06:33 PM by aks98671
  9. sharkpandi's Avatar
    Since i'm a newbie both to robotics and roboticsindia...i need the servo package,if i could get it for free bcos of financial constraints.