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  1. High Throughput miniature platform for your robot

    Looking for something really fast for your robot and with minimal size and power requirements . This baby can do Full HD and run Windows 7 . Just add a Webcam and a USB servo controller and ur taken care for.

    Takes 12V DC and with just 7 Watt of fanless operation .

    fit-pc 1 is even smaller !!!

    Go check there site - ...
  2. Robots @ Defexpo 2010 Delhi , India

    Just Visited DefExpo Today , All types of Unmanned robots on display. There were live Demos also so it was a good, nothing beats real life .

    DRDO too has some really impressive UAV stuff on display, dont know why the forces not using all of it. Also many Indian companies building robots , unlike what i thought. One company from Himachal Pradesh too!!!, never expected that. Also saw PackBot and Talon in real life.

    Good Experience in all, pictures say more than words so ...

    Updated 02-17-2010 at 09:45 PM by vikas

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