1. Competitions Robotics 3 - The Build and a Fast Line Follower using PID

    Last time we covered the hardware we needed to assemble our robot. This time lets assemble it quickly and get it moving. And do some hello world in robotics , which is Line Following.

    We will start with the Video of what we are going to achieve -

    If you are building this and already have bought the parts I will assume that you will need little help assembling it , but I would like to give some pointers so that ...
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  2. Competition Robotics - General Purpose high performance robot (Part 2)

    In the last part we had gone over some ground work on how to build a fast robot. If you had missed it you can read it here.

    So this time lets start with some robot building, like in previous article our target was a fast, small robot capable of solving problems like mazes , line following , soccer , picking and dragging things etc. When building we will go over the headings covered last time and pick items appropriately. The best commercial example of a robot which somewhat fulfills ...
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  3. Competition Robotics Building to Win ( Part 1 )

    Ive run Robotics India since a few years now, I can say about 80 % visitors are looking to take part in a competition. But most people end up building the same old robots making the same mistakes year after year and I am not really seeing any improvements in robots which participate in this competitions. So I thought to start a series on how to build better robots for most of these competitions with some tips to help you win. Proposed specifications are of target robot which should be able to ...
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  4. Balancing Robot - Accelerometer + Gyro + Arduino + Processing ( Step 1 )

    These Days im building a Balancing Robot so here are step wise how to interface a arduino to Accelerometer and Gyro

    Things ive used

    1. ATmega8 Arduino ( ARP 1.0u)
    2. DIY Proto Shield
    3. 3.3V Zener + 330 Ohm for 3.3V supply
    4. Triple Axis Accelerometer Breakout MMA7260 ( @Sparkfun )
    5. Gyro Breakout Board LY530AL 300/s ( @Sparkfun )

    The Gyro and Accelerometer were bought from Feemo India , as i found them the cheapest retailers ...

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