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  1. Urja utsav-2010

    URJA UTSAV -2010 is going to be the biggest techfest in the 25 years history of our college. I am organising a solar robotics compeitition called SUN MOTOREN GP. Check out for more info.
  2. Robots @ Defexpo 2010 Delhi , India

    Just Visited DefExpo Today , All types of Unmanned robots on display. There were live Demos also so it was a good, nothing beats real life .

    DRDO too has some really impressive UAV stuff on display, dont know why the forces not using all of it. Also many Indian companies building robots , unlike what i thought. One company from Himachal Pradesh too!!!, never expected that. Also saw PackBot and Talon in real life.

    Good Experience in all, pictures say more than words so ...

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  3. Pranav Mistry, an interview

    An interview with Pranav Mistry, the genius behind Sixth Sense

    Pranav Mistry is the MIT grad student behind Sixth Sense, a tool that connects the physical world with the world of data. He and his advisor at the MIT Media Lab, Pattie Maes, unveiled Sixth Sense at TED2009, and the Sixth Sense demo premiered yesterday on -- and in both places, it has fired people's imaginations. The TED Blog spoke with Pranav this morning, to ask him some questions that have arisen on ...

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