1. Urja utsav-2010

    URJA UTSAV -2010 is going to be the biggest techfest in the 25 years history of our college. I am organising a solar robotics compeitition called SUN MOTOREN GP. Check out www.eeccbit.com for more info.
  2. Packing cardboard mobile robot base.

    So.... I was quite bored today as there is some boring renovation going at my place. As I was clearing up the place, I saw the box for our TV and I just fell in love with that material! So I thought , why not make a free robot base out of that!!!

    Here are the steps with pics :

    1. Took a flap from the box.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    2. Cut Circles out of it using a kitchen salad knife.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    3. ...

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  3. Balancing Robot - Accelerometer + Gyro + Arduino + Processing ( Step 1 )

    These Days im building a Balancing Robot so here are step wise how to interface a arduino to Accelerometer and Gyro

    Things ive used

    1. ATmega8 Arduino ( ARP 1.0u)
    2. DIY Proto Shield
    3. 3.3V Zener + 330 Ohm for 3.3V supply
    4. Triple Axis Accelerometer Breakout MMA7260 ( @Sparkfun )
    5. Gyro Breakout Board LY530AL 300/s ( @Sparkfun )

    The Gyro and Accelerometer were bought from Feemo India , as i found them the cheapest retailers ...

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