1. a line follower

  2. Simple Optical/Rotary Encoder Generator

    Was building a simple Rotary Encoder for the ARP platofrm yesterday. Could not find a simple tool to generate the pattern according to my needs, there were some POstscript based tools but they did not work on WIndows.

    So here is my little script to generate it ...

    PHP Code:

    ("Content-type: image/gif");

    $size = isset($_GET['size'])?intval($_GET['size']):200;
    $size1 = isset($_GET['size1'])?intval($_GET['size1']):0;
    $count = isset($_GET['count'])?intval($_GET['count']):10
  3. Urja utsav-2010

    URJA UTSAV -2010 is going to be the biggest techfest in the 25 years history of our college. I am organising a solar robotics compeitition called SUN MOTOREN GP. Check out www.eeccbit.com for more info.
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