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  1. biopotential sensor

    i'm getting some problem in biopotential sensor i.e i've to store the signal information coming out of a human please suggest me the basic component required to do this in detail.if possibl then explain with circuit diagram.......ples give the reply as soon as possible
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  2. Arduino/Riduino Motor Shield - Single Sided DIY

    I wanted a single sided motor shield which would allow me to control a few servos and 2 DC Motors. All this while allowing easy sensor interfacing. The shield had to be single sided and DIP for DIY.

    The shield given below is the result for the same.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Some Features -

    • Dual DC Motor support with PWM
    • Servo motor support
    • DIY Single sided PCB
    • Easy sensor interfacing
    • Stackable

    Ideas for improving it are ...
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  3. Urja utsav-2010

    URJA UTSAV -2010 is going to be the biggest techfest in the 25 years history of our college. I am organising a solar robotics compeitition called SUN MOTOREN GP. Check out for more info.
  4. Packing cardboard mobile robot base.

    So.... I was quite bored today as there is some boring renovation going at my place. As I was clearing up the place, I saw the box for our TV and I just fell in love with that material! So I thought , why not make a free robot base out of that!!!

    Here are the steps with pics :

    1. Took a flap from the box.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    2. Cut Circles out of it using a kitchen salad knife.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    3. ...

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  5. Balancing Robot - Accelerometer + Gyro + Arduino + Processing ( Step 1 )

    These Days im building a Balancing Robot so here are step wise how to interface a arduino to Accelerometer and Gyro

    Things ive used

    1. ATmega8 Arduino ( ARP 1.0u)
    2. DIY Proto Shield
    3. 3.3V Zener + 330 Ohm for 3.3V supply
    4. Triple Axis Accelerometer Breakout MMA7260 ( @Sparkfun )
    5. Gyro Breakout Board LY530AL 300/s ( @Sparkfun )

    The Gyro and Accelerometer were bought from Feemo India , as i found them the cheapest retailers ...

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