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  1. Simple Optical/Rotary Encoder Generator

    Was building a simple Rotary Encoder for the ARP platofrm yesterday. Could not find a simple tool to generate the pattern according to my needs, there were some POstscript based tools but they did not work on WIndows.

    So here is my little script to generate it ...

    PHP Code:

    ("Content-type: image/gif");

    $size = isset($_GET['size'])?intval($_GET['size']):200;
    $size1 = isset($_GET['size1'])?intval($_GET['size1']):0;
    $count = isset($_GET['count'])?intval($_GET['count']):10
  2. Beginners Robotics Guide : Using LCDs with AVRs

    Liquid Crystal Displays ( LCD ) are widely used as output in small systems especially robots . With there ability to display human readable text they are also a great add on to robots and can output great amount of information or be used as a system from which the user can interact . In this simple tutorial you will learn how to interface LCD's , what are the signal required on various pins and C code for using 16x1 and 16x2 LCD's.

    LCD : Liquid crystal display ( because its has a ...
  3. High Throughput miniature platform for your robot

    Looking for something really fast for your robot and with minimal size and power requirements . This baby can do Full HD and run Windows 7 . Just add a Webcam and a USB servo controller and ur taken care for.

    Takes 12V DC and with just 7 Watt of fanless operation .

    fit-pc 1 is even smaller !!!

    Go check there site - ...
  4. Beginners Robotics Guide : Stepper Motors

    A small introduction to stepper motors and how to use them and the circuit and logic required to get them up and running .

    Stepper Motor?? ehh...

    Stepper Motor is widely used in CNC machine drives, robots, and wherever an accurate positioning is required. In such applications, step angle, direction, operating modes( single coil or double coil), speed and position are important considerations.

    You might be thinking ..Why stepper? why not servo? ...
  5. Beginners Robotics Guide : Image Processing -II


    Image acquisition nowadays can be done in various ways either by connecting a CCD camera or digital stream input from some other source can be used. These input streams can be interfaced either by VFW( Video for windows) Interface in Microsoft OS platforms or VFL (Video For Linux) interface in Unix based platforms. Every visual programming language nowadays provide
    suitable library routines to access these services.

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