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  1. PANTHER - Selecting an SBC is a complex task...

    Most of the Indian made SBC are either lacks features or quality. Getting a product from a company outside India is a riskier process though, we have to do it. What you people think? Do anyone know a nice ARM/NXP powered SBC with production quality PCB...?
  2. Vision Guided Industrial Robot

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    This is a video of a vision guided industrial robot pick and placing objects based on vision. The vision system is nothing but a web camera running some shape detecting algorithms.

    The pixel coordinates are mapped to robot coordinates using an automatic process using best fit curves

    Once the robot coordinates are obtained, the robot performs the pick and place operation - the place point is pre-defined.
  3. PANTHER Scalable approach to robotics...

    Hi all,
    We've just started a robotic project which is to develop a scalable platform for robots. The project is called PANTHER, and it is used to develop robots easily and effectively based on PANTHER. PANTHER stands for Platform for Automated Networked Tracked Hybrid Extra terrestrial Robots. It provides a basement on which anyone can make robots for custom use. For example PANTHER can be used for deploying an ultimate robotic warrior and at the same time it can used for developing ...
  4. ARM9 Board I am making

    ARM9 board i am working on for professional learning setup ..
    can take Real time linux , powerful with upgrade capabilities ..
    Guys pics are here
    I have got the PCBs made...

    Fabrication is next . All i will update in my blog
  5. Bring 'em to tha dance Floor !!

    Its been a hard day, and while fishing the net for robots, this vid hooked on to the net..

    wow.. after all, even robots need a break, i guess!

    We should be having competitions like these, after all its nice to see robots in some good clothing.

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