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  1. Slaves to drive Robots !!

    Man has known to grow lazier, over the entire evolution phase. lazy - so how to do work??
    Catch an animal and 'make' it do his job!!

    This evolution of mans' laziness has seen all kinds of animals - smaller than and larger than man himself- put to use as his slave, to do his job at his bidding.

    Then came the Machines. They did better than Man & his slave animals put together. Animal slaves were fast replaced by Machines in all walks of the Human race.
    Is ...

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    Latest trends in Robotics
  2. Super Cheap Devlopment Kit from STMicroelectronics ( < Rs 400 / 7 USD )

    Something i think which would be really suitable in the Indian environment. It has jtag , usb connectivity , 32 kb uC running at 16 Mhz with good I/O pin count among features.

    The STM8S-Discovery kit, is the cheapest and quickest way to discover the STM8S, to build and debug the application, and to program and use the device.
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    Read more about it here -

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  3. World News Section

    Ive added a new section called world news , All good Robotics related sites are hopefully covered. If i missed out any please point them out.
  4. Surgical Robots 2

    The most astonishing & a technological wonder Robotic system is the Da Vinci system.

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ID:	40 This is the Da vinci Robotic system. It is a surgeon manipulated robot that helps to perform minimal invasive surgery -meaning it reduces the amount and extent of cuts on the body for a specific surgical operation.

    While the surgery is complex and the system is expensive, it is a great example of where and to what level ...
  5. Atmega Analoge-Digital Interfacing

    Hello experts there,
    I am in quite a need of you all. I am new to Avr uc. I have a peizoelectric sensor that is analouge. I don't know how to interface it with my Atmega 128 development board.
    Is ther any website or weblink which you can suggest me.
    Please reply as soon as possible as i hv very little time left.
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