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  1. biopotential sensor

    i'm getting some problem in biopotential sensor i.e i've to store the signal information coming out of a human please suggest me the basic component required to do this in detail.if possibl then explain with circuit diagram.......ples give the reply as soon as possible
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  2. 04 *FREE* Servos to Robotics Indians from !!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by pankajnitc View Post
    Hello RI members,
    We will be giving One servo Free of cost to Four of RI Members.

    Eligibility:You should reply in this thread if you are interested,
    Valid upto:This is valid upto 30th july
    On 1st August all 4 winners will be asked for their postal address and it will be Shipped to them.

    *Winners will be chosen by Random number allocation from random
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  3. Latest advancements Multiterrain locomotion - Gallileo Wheel

    The latest innovation in multi terrain locomotion the Galileo wheel can be used as tank treads when needed to conquer rough terrain and sacrifice efficiency/speed but can run as normal wheels and provided the needed speed and acceleration under normal conditions. It will possibly be a help to robots than need to transverse both types of terrain and yet be efficient on both without loosing efficiency. Watch the video at
  4. Embedded systems training in Chennai

    We are starting a low cost training course for embedded system. The object of this course is to educate the college students to be proficient in the field of embedded systems, as they sometimes donot get proper guidance and infrastructure to pursue this interesting topic during their college days.Moreover undertaking an embedded system course is very expensive these days, which leads to a drawback.

  5. How the schticky can be used for cleaning a go!

    The rust appears on chrome faucets removed by rubbing with half a wheel. Cal stains dissolve in vinegar, for that soak a cotton ball and place it on the stain for half an hour.
    To clear a clogged shower control by lime rub with a toothbrush, or use the schticky if you truly can be blocked for a few hours immersed in a mixture of hot water and vinegar.
    To save work in clearing the fittings can rub with a cloth soaked in glycerin, the glycerin layer will leave bright and prevent them ...

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