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  1. DelFly II: The Robotic Spy Insect

    Did you ever imagine a tiny robotic insect spying on you? Well this could soon become a reality. Technical University of Delft has created DelFly II which is a flapping wing MAV (Micro Air Vehical). MAV is a class of UAV which is typically 15 cm in size.

    The DelFly II from TU Delft is capable of flying based on a vision algorithm for navigation. It can bounce back easily after colliding with a wall and thats going to be a great advantage for this tiny robot. The delFly II navigation ...
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  2. Novice Robot Programmer?.. Interested in offline Programming..?

    Well with RobotStudio You can...


    Step1. Download RobotStudio, Its free of cost for downloding and the demo version Runs upto a month,

    Well this is a heavy executionla file, So takes time to be download,

    Step2. Install RobotStudio
    Alright!!!! I've done it Now what????

    Step3. You need training!!!!.. ...
  3. RiDuino Projects: Playing the National Anthem Using Piezo Speaker

    Piezo speakers are quite fun components. They can play as well as detect frequencies. The basic idea behind making them play tunes is to send a "Square wave" of the corresponding frequency. By Square wave, I mean , the HIGH and LOW time should be equal.

    How do we get the high and low time out of note frequencies?
    High time = Low Time = 1/(2*NoteFrequency)

    For Example, a basic C note (western musical notation) is 261 Hz. ( ...
  4. Comparison between readymade robot kits (Asuro, Boe-Bot, Qu-Bot, Ma-Vin)

    I have 4 programmable robot kits here is a small comparison between them.

    1. Asuro

    I bought this robot from hongkong for US$ 55. A good price for beginner robot. It came with serial port transceiver but my lapy had no serial port so i tried it when i came back to India. This is based on AVR. It comes as a soldering kit. You have to prepare program in any compiler for avr

    Pros :
    Low price
    Easy to assemble
    Open source
    Robotics , Miscellaneous
  5. RiDuino Installing Drivers for Windows , Linux or Mac

    Riduino emulates a serial port on USB using Atmega8 to help connect the Arduino loaded controller to your PC. This is done through a CDC Driver.

    For all Files,Schematics and Downloads related to Riduino visit -

    So lets get started by installing the driver. Just Connect Riduino to your PC's USB port , The TX RX Led should blink twice and then Windows will popup the New Hardware ...

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