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  1. KEIL uVision Tutorial by WCG Robotics Labs

  2. Proteus Simulation Tutorial by WCG Robotics Labs

  3. Latest advancements Multiterrain locomotion - Gallileo Wheel

    The latest innovation in multi terrain locomotion the Galileo wheel can be used as tank treads when needed to conquer rough terrain and sacrifice efficiency/speed but can run as normal wheels and provided the needed speed and acceleration under normal conditions. It will possibly be a help to robots than need to transverse both types of terrain and yet be efficient on both without loosing efficiency. Watch the video at
  4. Career in Robotics as a Engineer

    Ever dreamed of a robot that cleaned your house, washed your car or walked the dog? People would call you a mentally retarded guy if you voiced your opinion however that is not the case today. Rapid developments have made robotic technology professions among the most exciting available to recent graduates Positions within the robotics industry generally are the different stages of the engineering process. Some engineers, for example, are responsible for the planning as to how robotics might address ...
  5. Comparison between readymade robot kits (Asuro, Boe-Bot, Qu-Bot, Ma-Vin)

    I have 4 programmable robot kits here is a small comparison between them.

    1. Asuro

    I bought this robot from hongkong for US$ 55. A good price for beginner robot. It came with serial port transceiver but my lapy had no serial port so i tried it when i came back to India. This is based on AVR. It comes as a soldering kit. You have to prepare program in any compiler for avr

    Pros :
    Low price
    Easy to assemble
    Open source
    Robotics , Miscellaneous
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