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  1. for sale Servo Motors

    Dear All,

    We back with another offer for servo motors.
    We have started Taking online order for servo motor.

    Servo motors all price and maximum price is Rs. 699
    URL for Details:
    If you purchase products more than from RS. 2000 than apply this coupon. Get 200 discount use this code: 12KJHLHJ

  2. Robot Operating System ( ROS ) and Indian made robot

    Robot Operating System is a completely Open Source software framework that provides libraries and tools to help software developers create robot applications. The development of ROS from its start has been exponential, all over the world top Robotics research institutes uses ROS for there research works.
    watch this video: - ROS: Three years, showing development of ROS in its first 3 years and robots using ROS.

    Implementing ...
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  3. KEIL uVision Tutorial by WCG Robotics Labs

  4. Proteus Simulation Tutorial by WCG Robotics Labs

  5. Latest advancements Multiterrain locomotion - Gallileo Wheel

    The latest innovation in multi terrain locomotion the Galileo wheel can be used as tank treads when needed to conquer rough terrain and sacrifice efficiency/speed but can run as normal wheels and provided the needed speed and acceleration under normal conditions. It will possibly be a help to robots than need to transverse both types of terrain and yet be efficient on both without loosing efficiency. Watch the video at
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