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  1. Latest trends in Robotics

    The other month I was immersed in Robotics for The experts.

    Today, Robots are invading the realms of Technology - realms where Man is personally involved as the primary benefactor.

    Medical Robots:
    Surgical Robots- 1

    Robotics is not just LFRs & Grid navigators. The Pick'n'Place Robots of yesteryears have evolved into Remote operated Micro-surgeons.....
  2. Porting Articles..

    And so, the strenuous, arduous, yet significant process of transferring content from the old site to the new site began... It would have been nice if I had some direction as to what articles members want more... but having things at my own discretion is even better, I suppose. I think I will start with the AVR micro-controller and parallel port tutorials first. They always seem to be in demand.
  3. New Avatars Added to the Site

    Ive added new Robot Avatars to the site , you can check them out in edit avatar in your profile page.
  4. New Blogging system

    Welcome to the new blogging system at Robotics India
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