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  1. 2 servo based two directional walking robo controlled by msp430 launchpad

  2. TV remote controlled high quality stereo wav player (160KHz) using an atmega32

    Hi, above is the video of my wav player recorded using a mobile phone camera.

    It is able to play 8 bit mono wav files of sampling frequency upto 160KHz and stereo upto 96KHz without any noise or trouble. Also we can control it using a TV remote (RC5 protocol). The complete build is a ground-up ...
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  3. 04 *FREE* Servos to Robotics Indians (2012)

    Quote Originally Posted by pankajnitc View Post
    Hello RI members,
    We will be giving One servo Free of cost to Four of RI Members.

    Eligibility:You should reply in this thread if you are interested,
    Valid upto:This is valid upto 30 april
    On 1st May all 4 winners will be asked for their postal address by 4th may and it will be Shipped to them on 5th may.

    *Winners will be chosen by Random number
  4. Inputs for Lowest Cost Linux Board Possible

    We at RoboticsIndia(@baseapp) are planning a new project to work on , like the title says the lowest cost breadboard friendly linux Core board.

    The whole idea is to put the full BOM + Fab under < USD 25 at say 100x quantity.

    Rasperry pi is great , but i cannot duplicate it or ship it inside my product to a client. BGA is not cheap.

    So the Ideas is to make a low cost mbed like board which can run linux and the user can put inside product or develop ...
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  5. Boat items(propellers etc) for competitions

    Quote Originally Posted by pankajnitc View Post
    With lots of boat related competitions coming up TheHobbyShop is now providing normal and counter rotating aquaprops.
    Boats ,
    Aquaprop 42X15X29 @90rs. ,
    Counter rotating Aquaprops @480rs.

    *Counter rotating props are used for more stability and power.

    For any queries mail to TheHobbyShop Support
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