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  1. TV remote controlled high quality stereo wav player (160KHz) using an atmega32

    Hi, above is the video of my wav player recorded using a mobile phone camera.

    It is able to play 8 bit mono wav files of sampling frequency upto 160KHz and stereo upto 96KHz without any noise or trouble. Also we can control it using a TV remote (RC5 protocol). The complete build is a ground-up ...
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  2. Beginners Robotics Guide : Using LCDs with AVRs

    Liquid Crystal Displays ( LCD ) are widely used as output in small systems especially robots . With there ability to display human readable text they are also a great add on to robots and can output great amount of information or be used as a system from which the user can interact . In this simple tutorial you will learn how to interface LCD's , what are the signal required on various pins and C code for using 16x1 and 16x2 LCD's.

    LCD : Liquid crystal display ( because its has a ...