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  1. Beginners Robotics Guide : Stepper Motors

    A small introduction to stepper motors and how to use them and the circuit and logic required to get them up and running .

    Stepper Motor?? ehh...

    Stepper Motor is widely used in CNC machine drives, robots, and wherever an accurate positioning is required. In such applications, step angle, direction, operating modes( single coil or double coil), speed and position are important considerations.

    You might be thinking ..Why stepper? why not servo? ...
  2. Arduino/Riduino Motor Shield - Single Sided DIY

    I wanted a single sided motor shield which would allow me to control a few servos and 2 DC Motors. All this while allowing easy sensor interfacing. The shield had to be single sided and DIP for DIY.

    The shield given below is the result for the same.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Some Features -

    • Dual DC Motor support with PWM
    • Servo motor support
    • DIY Single sided PCB
    • Easy sensor interfacing
    • Stackable

    Ideas for improving it are ...
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